Last Summer I was commissioned to produce this short film, It was a pleasure documenting the events of the night and also taking part. I urge you to get involved with the Midnight Run, try it at least once.

Many thanks to Inua Ellams, the Southbank Centre and all participants. The idea behind the Midnight Run is simple, to negate the frenzy and hysteria of mass media and reality t.v. for actual reality; for the simplicity of walking and talking. To reclaim the streets and rediscover a city after dark, to inhabit its confines of glass, concrete, steel and structure, as a child does a maze; with as much innocence and wonder as is natural. In the Midnight Run’s motto, ‘star’ can be taken literally, or as a metaphor for the city, dwellers, in which case it takes on a beauty and importance: The Midnight Run // Cause we can’t see stars for fumes we turn to smashed glass, believing shards shine like constellations do. This run was commissioned by Southbank Centre. 

Excuses For Why We Failed At Love (2012)

dir. Zainab Adamu

Writer. Warsan Shire

Seizing The Screen (2011)

Siezing the Screen was an all female hip-hop film screening curated by Janine Francios. The event took take place in London especially for Women’s History Month in March. We welcomed an audience of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes and everything in between to experience the roles of women in hip-hop internationally.